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show error when editor can't edit the statement because of permission errors on the repository
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As an editor on the client I want to be warned if I can't make an edit on the repository in order to not waste my time.

The Item where the statement is coming from might be protected on the repository or the editor might be blocked. In this case we want to tell them that they can't edit the statement they are trying to edit.

more details in figma mock



for now it's just placeholder text but I assume that these will be the "sections" that the screen will include as well as the OOUI MessageWidget (type: 'notice') and some links throughout. TBD is how we can convert the "technical" information on the permissions we get to "human" text.

GIVEN a protected Item
WHEN a user without the necessary edit rights tries to edit it in the bridge
THEN an error message (TODO) is shown when opening the bridge
AND the edit can't be performed

GIVEN an editor that is blocked on the repository
WHEN they try to edit in the bridge
THEN an error message (TODO) is shown when opening the bridge
AND the edit can't be performed

Acceptance criteria:

  • loading bar is replaced by error message as soon as we know the editor can't edit the statement
  • the editability status depends on the Item the statement is coming from (which is not necessarily the one connected to the article via the sitelink)

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@Charlie_WMDE could you have a look and add a mockup and text if you have it?

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@Lydia_Pintscher ready for story writing from my side. okay from your side?

In MediaWiki core, uneditable pages display two messages: permissionserrorstext-withaction, the generic “you can’t edit this”, and then protectedpagetext or blockedtext (and cascadeprotected in case of cascade protection) with parameters detailing the cause. We should do something similar in Data Bridge, but with bridge-specific messages. The messages should also be read from the client wiki, not the repo wiki, so they can be customized via the MediaWiki namespace. @Charlie_WMDE and @Lydia_Pintscher will define the initial content of those messages, based on the MediaWiki versions, before the next story time (2019-10-22).