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PPFrame_Hash.php: hardcoded english
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PPFrame_Hash::expand() has hardcoded english, which can be present for users:

  • Expansion depth limit exceeded
  • Node-count limit exceeded



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These strings are only used in comments at the bottom of the parser output, for debugging purposes. Recommend WONTFIX: other debugging output isn't localized either.

No, I mean Preprocessor_DOM.php, r55795, line 882 and 886

See also Preprocessor_Hash.php, r55795, line 860 and 863

That text is visible in the HTML-Source.

(In reply to comment #2)

That text is visible in the HTML-Source.

Yes, it is for debugging purposes only. Closing as WONTFIX per Roan's comment.

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We localize other error messages. This hardcoded text was reported recently in T243812. I think this issue was valid 10 years ago and is still valid now :)

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Preprocessor_DOM was removed from core in 5cbb64f56ad39a117d3c668e89781780f4f029ee . Closing.

matmarex reopened this task as Open.EditedJan 28 2020, 10:20 PM

The code now lives in PPFrame_Hash.php, but it's still there.

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