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Wikidata: when adding a gloss, the cursor focus does not go to the right field
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When creating a Sense in a Lexeme, I choose the language, tab to the field, enter the gloss, tab to Remove (which should preferably tab to Add instead), tab again to Add, press return, it adds a new line, but then instead of being focused on the language field in the new line, I am still focused on the Add field. If I tab, I tab over to Publish.

So, after choosing "Add", the focus should be on the Language field.

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I just tried it and I can definitely confirm the second problem and we should fix that.
About the tabbing to remove: it tabs to add for me in a newly created sense. Can you double check? Which browser?

In Chrome. But it does not happen on the first gloss (since Remove is grayed out on the first gloss), only on the second and other additional glosses.

The part with the "Remove" is kinda OK. I would prefer it would jump to Remove only if I left the gloss field empty, otherwise jump to Add directly, but really, that's a minor problem compared to the second problem.