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Curator gets revision source
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"As a Curator, I want to get the source of a revision of a page, so I can review it or reuse it."

GET /revision/{id}

Return the revision of a page with source.

Request payload: none

Body: JSON, object with following fields:

  • id: revision ID
  • page: Object with these fields
    • id: ID of the page
    • title: current title of the page (might have been changed)
  • user: user who made the change, object with these fields
    • id: ID of the user or null for anonymous
    • name: name of the user or unique identifier for anonymous
  • comment: User comment ("edit summary") describing the change that generated this revision
  • timestamp: time the revision was made
  • size: size of the revision in "bogobytes" (as from DB, usually bytes)
  • delta: change from previous revision in "bogobytes" (as from DB, usually bytes)
  • minor: Is this a minor revision? boolean
  • source: source version of the revision; typically wikitext.

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This is similar to T229663 in scope and output.