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Implement Library Bundle functionality
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Proxy code is implemented and live; users with active authorizations to proxy partners can now access that content via proxy. We still need to implement the logic which determines which editors are eligible for Library Bundle access and updates their authorizations.

The edit count and account length criteria are already data we have in the platform, the primary outstanding piece is how we ascertain that users have made 10+ edits in the last month. The database/API query to retrieve this data isn't as straightforward (we ideally want to know about their recent edits to any Wikimedia project) so we have a few options for how to proceed.

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Okay, I have the eligibility as described here implemented:
Per our off-thread conversations, we're not going to merge this to directly to master. Rather, I've force pushed this branch to staging, against which we will do dependent bundle-related PRs. Once all bundle related work is merged into staging and happy, we'll do a staging -> master PR for all bundle functionality.