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Client Developer uses MediaWiki REST API
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"As a Client Developer, I want to have a RESTful CMS-level API available for each project and language, so I can provide CMS-style functionality to my end user."

For the Core REST API, we’ll use paths that look like:

/core/v<version>/<project>/<language>/<path> (If the project has multiple languages)
/core/v<version>/<project>/<path> (If the project has just one language)

There may be cases in which we will have incompatible versions of the Core REST API running on different projects. For example, if/when a version 2.x of the Core REST API is released, which isn’t backwards-compatible with version 1.x, it may roll out to Group 0, Group 1, Group 2, etc. on different schedules.


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@hnowlan I think we probably have internal routes to the mediawiki servers that would be more reasonable to use than the public ones. I don't know what those are; maybe you can figure it out?

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