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Add SDC data slot to pages in the Commons data: namespace
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As a user, I want to be able to

  • Describe the metadata (including source, licensing, nature of content, etc, etc) of datasets in the Commons data: namespace using Commons structured data, referencing Wikidata items
  • Be able to discover it and query aspects of it using the SDC query service.

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For discoverability, maintenance, and reuse, it is as important to be able to store metadata for datasets via SDC as it is to be able to store metadata for images.

Pages in the Data: namespace on Commons, used for tabular data and for map data, should therefore have an SDC slot in just the same way as pages in the File: namespace.

It may also be advantageous to create a slot for a regular wikitext file description page at the same time, a long-standing request (T155290)

I began using "Data:" namespace, lately and I share desire for a place to add some metadata. I created T249896 request for allowing /doc pages where one can add documentation. Adding SDC would be also nice, but with so few pages in that namespace I do not see it as a high priority. I would not want to divert scarce resources from File namespace tasks.