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Schedule regular office hours for Wikimedia-Research
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Start regular office hours on IRC.

Things to consider

  • how often? (monthly, every 3 months)
  • define intended audience, expected goals
    • who should this meeting be for? what should they take out from that meeting?
  • define scope in order to minimize additional workload
    • what do we expect to take out from the meeting?
    • what type and what degree of effort are we willing to invest?

Some ressources

Event Timeline

MGerlach created this task.Oct 14 2019, 5:00 PM
MGerlach moved this task from Staged to Services on the Research board.
leila triaged this task as High priority.Oct 16 2019, 11:18 PM

First draft

--What is the office hour for?--

  • Enable better communication with wikimedia community around research on wikimedia projects
    • direct point of contact with members of research team
    • lower barrier for interaction
    • centralized, open, and archived discussion
  • We welcome research-related questions from anyone, researchers and participants in the Wikimedia movement alike, including volunteers, developers, affiliates, and beyond.

--How does it work?--

  • We meet first monday of every month 16.00-18.00 (UTC+1) on the Research irc-channel
    • We will share updates from our ongoing projects, events, etc.
    • We will be happy to engage and help in any questions related to research on Wikimedia projects.
  • If you suggestions and/or questions before or after, feel free to reach out to mgerlach [irc] or the other members from the research team.

--Alternative venues for communication--

  • Wiki-research-l mailing list

leila added a comment.Nov 1 2019, 8:35 PM

@MGerlach I couldn't not review this task.;) Here is my high level feedback which may help you with your next iteration:

  • Make sure it's clear in the proposal that this is an experiment. We should review it in 6 months and in 12 months (if we continue it that far) to do a cost-benefit analysis of it.
  • For the most part I'd like to leave the "broadcasting" of what we do for the Research Report (T237135).
  • The office hours can be a good way for us to get a more accurate pulse of what the communities are working on and need our support with. (Broadcasting from the community to us.)
  • Some work is needed to make sure we're clear with ourselves and the community in terms of what we offer in the office hours and how the queuing works. For example, is it first-come-first-served or does the size of the task matter? How resource intensive can the task be? For example, can I expect to share with you a two page proposal and get your first draft of feedback in the office hours? We don't have to over-engineer it, but providing some guidelines can help the potential participants to feel more empowered to engage.
Status update (week 2019-11-04)

Based on your feedback, I did an iteration on the announcement.
Channels to distribute?

  • mailing lists: wiki-research-l, wikimedia-l (?), foundation-optional
  • WikiResearch on twitter
  • ...?

Regarding the agenda, I would keep things as open as possible (given your comment that you would want to cover our broadcasting in a different venue.?

WMF-Research Office Hours
Introducing WMF-research's new office hours.

*We, the Research-team, would like to get a more accurate pulse from the community working on wikimedia projects:

  • What projects are the different communites working?
  • How can we support these projects?

*We welcome research-related questions/comments from anyone, researchers and participants in the Wikimedia movement alike, including volunteers, developers, affiliates, and beyond. We will try to get back on everyone's request to the best of our abilities but scope should (mostly) remain within the office hours. For example, you want discuss possible next steps in your project or perhaps even share a 2-page proposal and get feedback on your first draft.
Time&Location: We meet first monday of every month 16.00-18.00 (UTC+1) on the Research irc-channel. [DISCUSS, what works best]

*Note, that this setup is an experiment and thus procedure is not set in stone. We will review after 6/12 months and potentially revise the format to adapt to our and the community's needs. So please let us know.
*If you have suggestions, comments, or other feedback do not hesitate to reach out to mgerlach (on irc) or other members from the research team. Outside of office hours you can find and engage with WMF-research via the following channels:

*The content of the office hour will be logged at

leila added a comment.Nov 8 2019, 11:35 PM

@MGerlach I did a pass over the text of the email to be sent out and put the updated text in our 1:1 meeting notes. That text is not fully finalized though. As you see in your emails, there is a discussion with Analytics whether we should have joint office hours and the result of that may have impact on the text of the email. Let's still aim to discuss the proposal with the team in Research Staff on Wednesday and wrap this task up. :) We're almost there.

Status update (week 2019-11-11)

Latest version below [1]
Todo: Discuss with analytics whether to do a joint office hours (see Leila's mail from 2019-11-09 )

Hi all,

We, the Research team at Wikimedia Foundation, have received some requests over the past months for making ourselves more available to answer some of the research questions that you as Wikimedia volunteers, affiliates' staff, and researchers face in your projects and iniatives. Staring January 2020, we will experiment with monthly office hours organized by our team where you can join us and direct your questions to us. We will revisit this experiment in June 2020 to assess whether to continue it or not.

The scope
We encourage you to attend the office hour if you have research related questions. These can be questions abour our team, our projects, and more importantly questions about your projects or ideas that we can support you with during the office hours. You can also ask us questions about how to use a specific dataset available to you to answer a question you have, or some other question. Note that the purpose of the office hours is to answer your questions during the dedicated time of the office hour. Questions that may require many hours of back-and-forth between our team and you are not suited for this forum. For these bigger questions, however, we are happy to brainstorm with you in the office hour and point you to some good directions to explore further on your own (and maybe come back in the next office hour and ask more questions).

Time and Location
We meet on the first Wednesday of every month 17.00-18.00 (UTC+1) in Research IRC channel on freenode. (Connect: irc:// )

If you miss the office hour, you can read the logs of it at

The future announcements about these office hours will only go to the following lists so please make sure you're subscribed to them if you like to receive a ping:

@Lydia_Pintscher We want to do six experimental monthly Research office hours starting January (possibly joint with the Analytics team). I'm going to assume it's fine for us to send the first time announcement about it to wikidata@ list. If it's not, please let us know. For the future reminders: how do you want us to do it? we can send them to wikidata@ if that's not disruptive.

If it somehow relevant for the Wikidata community it should be fine.

leila added a comment.Wed, Nov 13, 7:35 PM

@Lydia_Pintscher thanks for the swift response. Yes, I think it's relevant as they're welcome to attend, especially researchers, developers, and organizers. Thanks!

contacted Analytics about joint office hours: @Milimetric repsonse:

  • he thinks it is a great idea to restart as not many people showed up to Analytics' office hours
  • he also volunteers to co-lead the first time
  • also announce in tech-newsletter
  • make sure announcement is enough in advance
  • easy scheduling such as 'first monday every month'
leila added a comment.Thu, Nov 21, 2:25 PM

fantastic! Let's finalize it today in our 1:1. :)

Created page on mediawiki .
Announcement will be sent out this week (after Analytics' December office hours on 2019-12-09 to avoid confusion).