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Rename be-x-old as be-tarask in Wikidata
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As reported by an editor: "be-x-old Wikipedia has been renamed as be-tarask, but wikidata interwikis still contain be_x_old [...] Bots display an error:

WARNING: pywikibot-core/pywikibot/ UserWarning: Site wikipedia:be-tarask instantiated using different code "be-x-old"

Screenshot from 2019-10-15 15-52-07.png (234×502 px, 18 KB)

Screenshot from Wikimedia main page

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@Ladsgroup What is needed from our side to fix the problem?

That is blocked on T112647: [Task] Investigation: how to handle the rename of a site id in Wikidata, by taking a quick look at the problem, to be honest, renaming a wiki is borderline impossible and extremely hacky specially to make sure nothing breaks during migration.