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Growth team needs to be able to suppress editor popups
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Part of the Growth team's "newcomer tasks" project includes guiding newcomers to complete suggested edits once they are in the editor. We plan to use the help panel feature to do this, and to have the help panel open for newcomers when they first click edit after arriving from the suggested edits module. At that first moment, we don't want any other popups to appear, as that would make it unclear as to where the newcomer is supposed to pay attention -- we want all their onboarding to happen in the help panel.

Therefore, the Growth team needs the ability to suppress popups that come from the editor for specific users that arrive on articles via the suggested edits module.

We know that some popups are caused by the editor itself, and some come from notifications or other sources -- but we're not sure which ones. That's what will be covered in T229887: Audit notifications received by new users upon opening the editor. It's still an open question exactly which popups can be easily suppressed.

This work is needed in order for the Growth team to release Newcomer Tasks 1.2, which is planned for December.