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Paste image from clipboard Extension
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Author: christoph.wilhelms

I have seen the TWiki JavaPasteAddOn , wich provides a button to paste images from clipboard directly into the article.
What does it do:

  • Start a signed Applet.
  • Get Image Data from clipboard
  • Greate a JPEG
  • Upload JPEG into the Wiki-Software
  • Embed <code>[[Image:WhatEver.jpg]]</code> into Wiki-Page

Could we get this as MediaWiki Extension? The Source of the TWiki Add on can be found here:

See Also: T39932: VisualEditor: Upload-by-insertion of images via copy-paste



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christoph.wilhelms wrote:

It might be better to raise this as a seperate extension request, because it is not only useful for the FCKeditor extension.

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VisualEditor includes this feature since MediaWiki 1.30 (T39932). It works in its "new wikitext editor" too.