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wrap stand alone message 'logempty'
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When there is a semiprotected page, and MediaWiki found no log entry for the page the message 'logempty' is used. But the message stand there without any informationen. See url for example.

Please wrap 'logempty' always in a warning message, in this case it that message 'semiprotectedpagewarning', because 'logempty' as a stand alone message is confused. Thanks.

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page from url in edit mode (skin vector)

pic to show, which text I mean.


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That was not my request.

The message 'logempty' is stand alone without any other message and so the user does not know for which log there were no matching items found. That is very useless and confuse.

I came across this bug at

This page was protected before the protection log existed.

The relevant code from

1438 if ( $this->mTitle->getNamespace() != NS_MEDIAWIKI && $this->mTitle->isProtected( 'edit' ) ) {
1439 # Is the title semi-protected?
1440 if ( $this->mTitle->isSemiProtected() ) {
1441 $noticeMsg = 'semiprotectedpagewarning';
1442 } else {
1443 # Then it must be protected based on static groups (regular)
1444 $noticeMsg = 'protectedpagewarning';
1445 }
1446 LogEventsList::showLogExtract( $wgOut, 'protect', $this->mTitle->getPrefixedText(), '',
1447 array( 'lim' => 1, 'msgKey' => array( $noticeMsg ) ) );

Here LogEventsList::showLogExtract is used to produce the message. This code is in

LogEventsList::showLogExtract will return the message 'Logempty' ("No matching items in log.") when no matching items are found in the log.

'showIfEmpty' should probably set to False and a test should be added to see if the number of returned items is 1 and if not, $noticeMsg should be added to the output.

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