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Replies v2.0: create mockups
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⚠️ This task is still in draft mode. Expect the "User stories" section to evolve as we receive and learn from contributors' experiences with v1.0: T235592


T235592's task description contains the overarching rationale for why this feature is prioritized.

This particular version – v2.0 – is intended to enhance the user experience of the basic reply functionality to make it easier and intuitive for Junior Contributors to draft and publish their comments.

User stories

As a contributor I can...

  • Format the text within my comment without needing to know about or use wikitext
  • Intuitively "@ mention" a specific contributor


  • Platform(s): mobile web + desktop
  • Namespaces: all talk namespaces


  • Mockups are created for the entire Replying to a specific comment... workflows for the platforms listed in the "Details" section above.

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ppelberg created this task.Oct 16 2019, 6:23 AM
ppelberg updated the task description. (Show Details)Oct 30 2019, 3:08 PM

@iamjessklein I've updated the task description to include the decisions we arrived at in the OWC/Reply-Versioning.

This task should now be considered the "single source of truth" for what we will end up creating in v2.0.