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Decouple Query Service UI deployment from Query Service deployment
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Currently, deployment of the WDQS UI is coupled to deployment of the WDQS backend: the git repository wikidata/query/gui-deploy (automatically updated by WDQSGuiBuilder since T160943, changes still need to be merged manually, also currently broken due to T235651) is a submodule of the git repository wikidata/query/deploy, and to deploy a new version of the UI, that submodule in the main deploy repo needs to be updated and that change then needs to be deployed.

Since there is virtually no interdependency between the frontend and backend – they communicate via standard HTTP / SPARQL, and I can’t recall a situation where a change in one would have required a change in the other to be deployed as well – we should decouple this, and be able deploy the query service UI independently.

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