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Spenden pages should have URLs that matomo can recognize, also within split funnel pages
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User Story:As a PM/Analyst/very interested developer…, I want to see how our donation forms perform for our users so I know what to improve and why. This, I want to do in Matomo, since it provides standard metrics and visualizations

Current Problems: Currently, the form pages are not identified by unique URLs, they all go to

  • The skin can be swapped with a parameter (which writes the cookie),
  • The pages in the succession of the donation has no URL identifier. So no matter if one is on the amount/payment page ("page 1") or the address page ("page 2") the URL remains the same.

This makes getting information about these pages hard or impossible.

It also might lead to manual configuration steps to enable e.g. AB-Tests or other comparisions, which, since manual, are error prone.

Possible Solution: Since matomo likes to identify pages by URL, a separate URL or URL parameter for skin and particularly for the page in funnel would be very helpful to get better insights and possibly reduce unnecessary development in the future due to better data.