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Discuss and decide on underspecified behavior for anonymous users
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While working on the first baseline patch for T233813: Separate user preferences for Page previews and Reference previews for Beta, we realized the behavior for anonymous users is currently underspecified. As of now:


Notice we might have three different popup types later via T208758: Display popups for annotated <math> tags without touching popups extension code.

Suggested baseline (a.k.a. "cheapest way to make it not obviously broken"):

  • Make sure the current cookie solution indeed disables all popup types.
  • Change all relevant messages to talk about all popup types, not only page previews.
  • Tackle T234205 soon-ish.

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Adding to @ovasileva and @alexhollender's radar in case they're interested in this change.

Some thoughts from my side:

  • I think both preview types should be enabled by default
  • I think having a cog on reference previews (as suggested in T234205: Add cog wheel to the popup to disable ReferencePreviews) would probably be the best way to go in terms of consistency - I think we definitely want to stay away from having different optin/optout mechanicsms for two similar features
  • I'm not sure if a single setting or checkboxes makes more sense, but I agree that both should probably appear within the same modal. So the workflow could be something like: open a page preview or reference preview --> select the cog --> settings modal opens --> select which preview type you would like to enable/disable. To turn back on, select "enable previews" from the footer and that opens the settings modal.

For now, I agree that the baseline suggested makes sense!

I agree with T235737#5639644. Here are two ways we could do that:

Option A

click on setting icon on either reference or page previewsettings modal appearsuser can reveal individual settings
image.png (637×1 px, 428 KB)
image.png (643×1 px, 314 KB)
image.png (651×1 px, 317 KB)

Option B

click on setting icon on either reference or page previewsettings modal appears with individual settings
image.png (637×1 px, 428 KB)
image.png (651×1 px, 317 KB)
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Documenting the results of a few different meetings here and linking to the resulting individual tickets.

  • Preferences will be merged into a single 'Preview' preference: T265709: Merge Page Preview and Reference Preview preferences. This will be editable for logged-in users from their preferences page, and for anonymous users with the current cog wheel pop-up solution. Exact wording is still in progress.
  • Reference Previews will get it's own matching cog wheel T234205: Add cog wheel to the popup to disable ReferencePreviews, but open the same, merged pop-up as Page Previews, implemented in the ticket above. This will not give the option to turn them on/off individually but as a joint preview feature
  • In order to avoid the conflicts with gadgets mentioned in this ticket, if a gadget is enabled then Reference Previews will be hidden (same behavior as Page Previews with Navigation Pop-ups). The work for this was begun T234204: Investigation: how many wikis have the ReferenceTooltip Gadget enabled by default?, but will likely get its own implementation ticket.
  • The goal is that these conflicts become less common, once Reference Previews becomes a default on a wiki. How it becomes a default on the wikis which current have a default gadget is in discussion.