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Add possibility to create 303 See Other redirects
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Patch that creates the enhancement

The current software only allows redirects with 301 and 302 (and does not even document that, ts). This patch adds also the possibility to create 303 redirects. This is required so that extensions can be compatibel to W3C standards on resource representation serving, as described in Web Architecture and especially TAG issue 14 on httpRange

The patch also allows to set the response code on redirects to 303. It could be extended for even more redirect codes, but this seems not required yet (I searched the bugzilla list).

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement




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Is there some proposed use for this in an extension somewhere? With the patch given, it would give the option to use 303, but I don't think anything would ever set it.

Semantic MediaWiki uses it already -- actually the interface allows to set the code, but the implementation does not actually do it. So this patch just fixes the implementation with regards to the API as far as I can tell.

Admittedly, there won't be many extensions that will use it, but for us it is needed in order to be standard conformant.

Thanks for checking.