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[20hrs] Prototype first few feature ideas for desktop improvements
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User story

As a current user, I would like to give feedback on desktop improvement ideas via a prototype


We would like to set up a prototype for the first few feature ideas for desktop improvements for the following reasons:

  • Getting feedback from editors (via central notice)
  • Using it within the team to view and discuss the features we'll be building


Prototype URL


  • logged-in should be the default state
  • fixing some template stuff in other languages
  • alignment around logo, sidebar, and article header (see image below for reference)
  • move it to WMF hosting & fix routing to use hash fragments
  • (if possible) make language dropdown wider (3 columns)
  • remove bullets next to language names
  • remove background-image/top border thing from first section in sidebar nav
  • favicon
  • add title to page "Wikipedia desktop improvements prototype"
  • cursor: not-allowed on certain elements

Reference image for alignment stuff

Acceptance criteria

Create a prototype of the new skin that includes the following:

  • opt-in/opt-out toggle
  • new header
  • collapsible sidebar
  • language links moved to the header

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A couple of weeks ago @santhosh reached out to me to show his side-project
(source code at

It's a client-rendered/offline-capable Wikipedia app written in Vue.js. I've played around with it and I think it provides a good model for how we can build prototypes for the desktop refresh project.

Although we could use the project directly, there were a few things that I wanted to do a little differently. So I spun up a new project with vue-cli, copied over all of Santhosh's state & API handling, and structured the project in a way that mimics the mediawiki core/skin architecture. The source is available here:

The project is structured as multiple single page apps. The "core" api responses are available here:

The core API responses wrapped in the Vector skin

Phase 1 with a modified logo

Phase 2 with the hamburger icon

Phase 3 with the sticky header

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@Quiddity mentioned that the prototype doesn't do a good job of loading certain language specific templates, such as the French Wikipedia's infoboxes

It looks like adding the site.styles modules (i.e. when a language changes should fix this issue, so I'm making a note here to do that so I don't forget.

Also mentioned was that the language picker's search doesn't work very well (but I'm less inclined to fix that as it's a small miracle it works at all :P )

Also note to self: I think it might be useful to add a "not-allowed" cursor on links that don't work (i.e. sidebar) so that people aren't (as) confused when they click on them and nothing happens.

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@olga Jan and I reviewed the prototype. I've updated the task description with a prioritized to-do list. We think all items are achievable by Monday.

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Prototype done and feedback round has started. Resolving