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Can not search articles in History section
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How many times were you able to reproduce it?


Steps to reproduce

  1. Open on iPhone
  2. Tap History tab at the bottom
  3. Pull down History scroll view

Expected results

Expected to see a search field like we saw in Saved section, and allow user to search articles in History section

Actual results

Didn't see search field in History section, can not search articles in History section.


History section doesn't have search field

History_doesn't_have_search_field.PNG (2×1 px, 715 KB)

Saved section has search field

Saved_has_search_field.PNG (2×1 px, 1 MB)

Environments observed

App version: 6.4.0 (1671)
OS versions: iOS 13.1.2
Device model: iPhone 11 Pro Max
Device language: English

Affected articles?


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