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Share vuejs components between projects
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Several of our projects (Wikidata-Termbox, Wikidata-Bridge, Wikidata Tainted References) are using vuejs and some components inspired by OOUI. Some of these components seem to be generic enough to be shared between projects and to fulfill a common need of each of these projects.

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Addshore added subscribers: Jakob_WMDE, Addshore.

Moving this to in investigation so that @Jakob_WMDE can start evaluating and planning for work on this as a trailblaze for 2020.

Addshore triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 3 2019, 3:45 PM

Per our frontend guild meeting discussion an MVP should likely include the following: Repo, CI, first component + use in multiple projects, story book, and a documentation for rules of engagement for the repo (versioning, how could add stuff, how to communicate changes).

The work of the mini-hike was tracked under T240329

In the light of our current Design System project this task can be closed as invalid.