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Set up agreement/contract for KTH
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Per request I'll set up a contract for KTH, modelled on our last agreement with them and the agreement with STTS (T234043).

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Is there an action point for me until signing?

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Is there an action point for me until signing?

No, I was just expecting them to get back to you while I was away.

I contacted KTH which said they'll ping there contracts people again.

KTHs legal department got back to us with a list of objections. Have given then edit rights to the document and also offered that they put together their own base document.

KTH didn't have time to get this handled before the Christmas break but expects to have suggested changes ready in the beginning of January

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Contract finalised. KTH will send signed copy to WMSE offices

I will close this as soon as I have a confirmation that the contract has been received. @Maria_Burehall_WMSE Please let us know here.

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The contract is fine and signed, however, some of the attachments are missing. André has emailed the university and asked what they would like to do.

Issue around attachments has been resolved. awaiting final signing of attachments before being returned

@Lokal_Profil @Jenny_Brandt_WMSE Did we receive the signed version of the contract from KTH?

Sorry for replying late, but no, I haven't received anything to date.

Another reminder has been sent along with a question about how e can do the "rekvirering" before the contract is finalised (which is possible although not desirable)

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Just realised that this is the task for the Speech Data colelctor contract. That contract has been handled and is in Diarium 2020 with the number 50.

The actually missing contract is tracked in T239088