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Facebook shows wrong thumbnail for Japanese Wikipedia article
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My friend shared on Facebook the pageミルグラム実験

Here is the article preview shown by Facebook, the article is not about broomsticks, the thumbnail presumably comes from the cleanup template:

Screenshot from 2019-10-19 12-05-55.png (338×1 px, 136 KB)

The article contains this image, which would have been a much better thumbnail for the preview:

I am not sure whether the problem is Mediawiki or the configuration of the Japanese instance, or something else. Possibly related: T142243

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Masumrezarock100 added a subscriber: Masumrezarock100.

This is likely an issue with Facebook problem not Mediawiki.

This is likely an issue with Facebook problem not Mediawiki.

I disagree. Facebook just displays whatever image has the appropriate meta tags, or the first image if none have correct meta tags. It is our responsibility to set tags to the image we want sharing platforms to use.


T213031 is only about "Wikimedia Commons image pages".
On the opposite, the present issue is for "Wikipedia articles".

Should I either:

  • Reformulate T213031 to make its scope much larger?
  • Or reopen the present issue?


Hmm. I'm afraid that I have no idea what "Wikimedia Commons image pages" are supposed to be... So I do not know if they are different from Wikipedia articles.

@Aklapper Here is an example of a "Wikimedia Commons image page":

I believe that "Wikipedia articles" get shared on social networks much more often than "Wikimedia Commons image pages", so I was surprised that there is no issue for them.