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[Proposal] Outreach of the App and add new features in Wiki Education Dashboard Android App
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Profile Information

Name: Nwokike Loveth
Github: kullovethProfile Information
Name: Nwokike Loveth
University: Federal Polytechnic Oko ,Nigeria
Github: kulloveth
Other Contact Methods: twitter, Slack
Twitter: kulloveth
Location: Nigeria (GMT/UTC +1)
Typical working hours: Between 2 pm to 10 pm UTC +1

About Wiki Education Android app:

Wiki Edu Dashboard App is an Android client for the Wiki Education Dashboard API to support managing programs, including edit-a-thons, education programs, and other events. The app allows users to access Wiki Education Dashboard and Programs & Events Dashboard from their Android phone. The Android app would be handy, especially for use in bandwidth-constrained situations and during edit-a-thons.

What needs to be done

• Communicating with the users of the app and promoting the app among users
• Add a list of my articles (articles assigned to me) on the course page.
• Program organizers to be able to create accounts for edit-a-thon participants
• Users to be able to join a course that requires or does not require a passcode
• Enable users to be able to assign themselves a course they are in
• View details of a campaign
• Migrate app from MVP to MVVM Architecture
• Write Unit Test
Mentor: @Ujjwalagrawal17, @Ragesoss


1) Week 1 and 2 Community Bonding Period [ November 27 – December 10 ]

• Communicate and bond with mentors, communicating with users of the app. Find out available APIs for the project and go through them
• Create specific issues for the project
• Getting more familiar with Kotlin, Room,MVVM and Unit Testing
• Learning more about Kotlin, MVVM and Unit Testing ,WikiEdu Dashboard project and APIs
• Community bonding report
• Write about my experience so far with the community and the project

2) Week 3 [ December 11 - December 18]

• Fix up all first comer issues still on github
• Update the Readme on Github with all changes in Both UI and and design pattern
• Create a layout that contains a view Pager for the campaign details
• Create a page adapter for the the viewpager
• Updated Readme on Github with all current UI
• All first comer issues fixed

3) Week 4 [ December 19 – Dec 26]

• Create an Activity class for the campaign Details
• reuse available fragment for showing the campaign details
• Implement Async API calls to get the home details with a proper layouts and classes
• Campaign details in home fragment

4) Week 5 [December 27 – January 3]

• Create a layout with RecyclerView, and its items with header
• Create an adapter for the recyclerview
• Implement Async API calls to get the timelines for campaign for a course and displaying it in RecyclerView.
• Timeline for campaigns detail

5) Week 6 [ January 4 – January 10 ]

• Making Api call to retrieve the list of students
• Create an activity to get each student contribution
• Make api calls to show the details and contribution of a particular student in a campaign
• List of student in a particular campaign
• Details activity to show students contributions

6) Week 7 [ January 11- January 18 ]

• Implement Async API calls to get the edited articles in a recyclerView
• Create an activity to get the details of an article edited(chars added, references added, views)
• Feature to see list of articles edited

7) Week 8[ January 19 – January 26]

• Make Api call to get the details of an article
• reuse existing Fragment to get the list of Uploads.

  • Get feedback from users about the app to find out their experience

• See the details of an article

  • Receive feedback from users to now the progress of the app

8) Week 9 [January 27 – February 2nd ]

• Make Api calls to get uploaded images and data with Glide library
• Documentation of previous implementations

• List of Uploaded Images and data
• Documentation of previous implementations

9) Week 10 [February 3-February 9 ]

• Create Activity to see the details of the Uploaded Image
• Implementing API calls to get the details when you click on one
• Documentation of implementation
• See details of a particular upload
• Documentation of the implementation

10) Week 11 & 12[February 10 – February 23 ]


  • Create Entities for room database
  • Create Dao class for inserting and querying course details
  • Create a Repository class to hold both remote and local data
  • Connect Repository to the views
  • Get Feedback from users about their experience


  • Course details with offline support
  • User Feedback and Experience

11) Week 13 [ Febuary 24 – March 3rd ]

• Documentations of the Implemented features
• Getting Feedback from Users
• Documentations of Implemented Features
• I will continue using already forked repo to develop and make PR
• I am always available when needed to collaborate with mentors through gmail, slack, github
• I will use github in managing tasks and subtask
• I will share my experience on twitter

About Me

Personal background

I graduated from federal Polytechnic Oko, Nigeria.I studied Computer Science but have gained my programming knowledge from online contents. I started with writing desktop applications in Java before diving into Android development. I love working with teams and I have been longing to be a part of many open source projects. Although am not used to open source but I have good knowledge of git and github.

How did I hear about this program?

A friend shared the link with me before I found a post about it on a slack community (shecode Africa)
Activities During the Internship period
I am currently training with an institution to improve my android skills which will end by December and my Training does not stop me from participation but rather give me more opportunity and resources to quickly complete my task
Wikipedia has been my source of truth to me for years now, I make research, assignment and lots others from there and other sister products like wikiquotes, wiktionary and wikidata have also added so many informations to my life. During the contribution phase I have identified various issues, worked on them and also worked on issues identified by others

Past Experience in Android Development

I started learning android development on my own last year through resources on the internet, I have personal projects on github that I used in developing myself before I discovered a remote internship ( Internship) where I participated and came out as a finalist. In this internship we started two projects.

APOE4 android app

This android app helps people with Apoe4 gene and other individuals who has the trait in their family manage the condition and keep their health in check
• Feature to get daily feedback from the user(if the individual is not affected by the disease) or the person taken care of the individual(a guardian to already affected person,)
• Used to Native Android, Retrofit, Glide, firebase, Butterknife for the development process
• Used Node Js for Back end
• Got information from Wikipedia and some other sources about the Apoe4 gene during research process
• Github Link

Kid stories

This is an android application where you find stories to read to children, admins can upload stories, users can suggest stories, comment and favorite them.
• Used Native android for development, Retrofit, Glide, firebase for the development process
• Used PHP/Laravel for back end
• Google Play

MicroTasks Completed

  • Format dates on the app to human readables
  • Change the traditional layouts of various pages to standard constraint Layout
  • Fix app crashes when Uploaded Images are been Viewed
  • Fix app crashes when leaving the Media Page
  • Change Hardcoded Strings to use standard String resources
  • Change Hardcoded Dimensions to use standard dimens resources
  • Add google play badge with the link to download the app

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Hi @Kulloveth , I will like to mention 3 points:

  1. You can re-use the UI for showing articles, uploads, recent edits,.. from existing fragments so we don't need to create new fragments.
  2. In week 11, the activity which you are talking about is already existing - MediaDetailsActivity so you can probably add something else instead of that.
  3. If possible add try to include feature in your proposal.

Otherwise, the proposal is good.

Thank you @Ujjwalagrawal17 ,for task 11 , I was thinking Campaign has a different media. I will edit the task as requested

Hi @Kulloveth the proposal looks great to me. Just 1 more thing I will like to mention. We will like to take feedback from users twice instead of once. One at the beginning of the Internship, one at the end. It will be great if you can arrange some time for that. We can do that parallely with some coding task.

Kulloveth updated the task description. (Show Details)
Kulloveth updated the task description. (Show Details)

Thanks for creating a proposal! As we are past the deadline, if you would like us to consider your proposal for review, please move it to the submitted column. Thank you!

Thanks for creating a proposal! As we are past the deadline, if you would like us to consider your proposal for review, please move it to the submitted column. Thank you!

Thanks @srishakatux , I have moved it to proposal submitted

@srishakatux I was wondering why @Kiranofans moved my proposal back to BackLog, I just moved it to Proposals submitted again. Hope am on track?

(this proposal was not accepted)