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Some newusers log entries show the IP address of the currently viewing user
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This is a reincarnation of T151037: Some recentchanges rows state the current user's IP address was registered.

When TranslateUserManager was introduced, we broke the deleting of these log entries since they are under a different user now. The deletion of rows from recentchanges and logging table must be amended. In addition need to figure out how to delete existing bad entries. The user id of the created user is stored as PHP serialized string in the log_params field, which is not possible to query against.

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@Nikerabbit I don't know why you affirm in T235188 that I was "spamming" people. As far as as know I post in a thread which is still relevant to an unsolved issue which continues to have effect and whoise origin is still not known. Also that previous bug is still open and people were instructed to signal every quirk they saw that may be related to mysterious caching effects and incorrect displays, and you filed this new bug T236011 only very recently.

Those that are "spammed" are those that have subscribed but I have no control on them: And there are many other posts on that thread for minor actions, and posts from bots as well (which just signal things without finding any solution or describing new problems. All those dozens subscribers will also see the various adminsitrative automated posts as well. I've made much less posts than these bots.

And the description you made above for T236011 does not even apply to the bug I reported (and that was signaled in TWN's support page by another user asking to explain why there were multiple and frequent "creations" of accounts for IPv6 connected user that in fact never occured. You description above is not very descriptive, does not include my own report here or the link to the supprot page in TWN where it was first noticed by someone else (and for which you did not reply there in clear terms before late).

@Verdy_p: You have been asked before both to please stay on-topic in tasks, plus to structure your lengthy comments.
If this is not possible for you, then I suggest you spend your time on other topics. Thank you for your understanding.

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