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Stichting Academisch Erfgoed: Botanical drawings
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At the memory of The Netherlands website ( there is a collection of copyright free botanical drawings (3006 records).

These can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Suggested workflow

  1. download/extract data from Geheugen van Nederland
  2. choose tool to work with (GWT toolset requires knowledge of XML, and a whitelisted account, Pattypan requires more hands on editing of the data)
  3. upload a couple of examples to Wikimedia Commons to form a datamodel
  4. adjust metadata to fit datamodel
  5. upload to Wikimedia Commons
  6. where possible: add keywords as structured data to Wikimedia Commons

Example record:



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Ecritures triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 21 2019, 9:19 AM

@Ecritures in the selected set I can find some images that might not be copyright free (e.g. this one created 1935 and this one created 1940) . How did you determine they were copyright free images?

GvN search API instruction

To get access to the Geheugen van Nederland (GvN) API: (it takes some time to load, 10-20 secs)
This will give you (max.) the first thousand records from the set with ID ‘AMH01’ (should your set contain more then 1000 records). Records 1001 to 1100:
&startRecord=1001&maximumRecords=100 etc.
You can request max. 1000 records per call, but you can also request less.
 In the attached Excel file, column C, you can find the other GvN-set-ID you can add instead of AHM01 to the API-call. Column D indicated the amount of records in each set. Keep in mind the copyrights (in column H & I), and the special wishes indicated by the different cultural institutions with regard to their collections (column G). Also, the metadata in GvN is a bit outdated and might contain errors.
It is also possible to view the set-identifiers directly at the GvN-website (without using the excel). For example, for the set Album Reisfotografie it can be retrieved when you mouse-over one of the pictures. In the below right corner you see the set-ID 'UBL02' marked by '&identifier'. The SRU-call would in this case be:
 By changing
in that response to
you can retrieve the bigger version of a picture
Also, through you can see that this set contains a total of 12.035 images
GvN has not been whitelisted on Commons, but the above mentioned images are hosted on '', which has been whitelisted for Commons mass uploads.
Some examples for collections of Royal Library in GvN
The PD collections from these GvN-collections on Commons are the following:
On you can find some additional information in the concerning folders (and the occasional Python-script) for these content donations.

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