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"Anchors (<A> Content </A>) in Wikipedia articles are not being displayed correctly in my browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.00.2314.100 running under Windows 95 Version 4.00.950 B)."

This is most likely due to the odd behavior of IE5 in parsing css. It will treat ">" the same as "," (the IE5 css engine predates child selectors). So a rule like div.somethingspecific > a {display:block;} will be parsed as div.somethingspecific , a {display:block;}, which then will apply to all anchor tags. So check the applied CSS for such a thing, find who did it, and file a bug (as it should also affect IE6, except IE6 will simply not apply the rules).

I have only been able to find such rules in

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TheDJ created this task.Nov 23 2009, 9:53 AM

ayg wrote:

We don't support IE5 or 5.5 anymore. Even if someone provided an actual tested patch, we deleted IE5Fixes.css and IE55Fixes.css a little while ago, so we'd have nowhere to put it.

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