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Step 2: Add statement context to the popper text
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Right now the popper text doesn't give the context of the property and it might be hard for people to understand what a property is. Adding the property's label would help.


Please find specs in this Figma file.

Acceptance criteria:

  • popper text mentions the property with its label


  • The property label should be following what is displayed in the statement box, i.e. following the label "fallback chain" logic from Wikibase.

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Per quick discussion it should probably not be a link. Details to be further discussed @Lydia_Pintscher

Current state: Sarai is working on new mockup. The property should not be linked.

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@Lydia_Pintscher We talked about this. We definitely aren't saying that it's a "hard" task but it is at least 8 story points no matter how we try to cut it.

Hope that helps you with prioritisation. For what it is worth we actually wanted to pick this up now because we're running out of work that can be picked up independently.

Ok thanks. In this case I'd say we don't do it until we have some indication later from the users that it is needed.