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Evaluate existing multimodal learning methods for Wikipedia image recommendation [Master thesis]
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In this project, we want to test the feasibility of a framework that, given a Wikipedia article, can suggest relevant images to be included in it.
This project is carried out as part of a student master thesis for the master program in Data Science at the Ukrainian Catholic University.
Proposed steps for the project:

  • Project Proposal Submission, including related work research and plan for the 3-month program.
  • Definition of the project plan: the project will be divided into two parts:
    • Completion of an end-to-end pipeline using basic existing methods
    • Improvements over the constructed pipeline
  • Data collection: English Wikipedia's featured articles and their images T236146
  • Implementation of the first part of the project: basic model T236156
  • Evaluation of the basic model T236157
  • Planning and implementation of improvements T236158
  • Evaluation of improvements T236159
  • Thesis wrap up and submission T236161

8 Jan 2020 Thesis Final Submission

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Thesis submitted and final exam brilliantly passed!!