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Newcomer tasks: create {{FULLSITENAME}} magic word
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Donation data shows that more specific site names like "English Wikipedia" work better than generic ones like "Wikipedia" and we'd like to take advantage of that in interface texts. Since this is probably useful across many components and we don't want to limit it to Wikipedia, and other sites don't always need a language (e.g. Wikidata doesn't), or could be special in some way (e.g. en.wikisource is "English Wikisource", www.wikisource is "Old Wikisource"), we can't just lego together language and sitename in the affected messages. The best approach is probably a new magic word, {{FULLSITENAME}}.

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@Tgr -- will we need this for v1.0? If so, I think it should be in Ready for Development.

That's a product call. The existing code uses {{SITENAME}} (so just "Wikipedia" instead of "English Wikipedia").
I'd put it as a stretch goal - better to deploy without it than to not deploy because of it. So maybe the bottom of Ready for Development?

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IIUC, this was solved in 2016, so doesn't need a Tech News mention now. I'm removing User-notice accordingly. Please clarify if I'm incorrect.