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Some All-Users.git references are outdated after gerrit1001 migration
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As part of fallout from the migration to gerrit1001 (T236114), we have only fixed refs/changes/*/*/meta references. When I have updated my copy of All-Users.git, I noticed some references have been force updated:

From ssh://
 + 568a83712...fae088973 refs/users/22/7622     -> origin/users/22/7622  (forced update)
 + 0276d6063...c988a30d5 refs/users/68/868      -> origin/users/68/868  (forced update)
 + fcdd059f3...1ce35db10 refs/users/72/7372     -> origin/users/72/7372  (forced update)
 + a0359d94e...ea5986069 refs/users/87/787      -> origin/users/87/787  (forced update)

That is based on the snapshot I had on my local machine, but it should be compared with whatever was on cobalt instead.

@thcipriani I guess we want to run the magic comparison script against all references? I think we only looked at refs/changes/* by simply using git ls-remote . refs/changes/*/*/meta.

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hashar created this task.Thu, Oct 24, 8:11 AM
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Rerunning on all refs/* showed a few inconsistencies. For All-Users.git there appear to be a few forced merge changes that amount to someone changing download options: nothing serious there.

I'll stop gerrit, run a modified version of the script, update. There are a few manual "split brain" situations in other repos to fix here, too. Good catch.

thcipriani triaged this task as High priority.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-10-24T22:10:39Z] <thcipriani> stopping gerrit briefly for script run for T236344

thcipriani closed this task as Resolved.Thu, Oct 24, 11:01 PM

I've updated the All-Users.git refs that were out of date. Some I just left alone. The majority were out-of-date moving from "preferred download method" ssh to http or http-auth, etc.

I started the user reindexer as well. Nothing left to do here.

Great, thank you :-]