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PAWS instance stopped working
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Since two days I get the message

"Your server is stopping.
You will be able to start it again once it has finished stopping." when I tried to access my PAWS instance and it shows a never-stopping waiting symbol.

Is there anything I can do to have it running again?

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Thanks for creating this ticket. The pod was stuck in terminating state in the node tools-paws-worker-1007 for the past couple of days. I removed it with kubectl -n prod delete pod jupyter--43riscod --force grace-period=0 perhaps someone with root access should check docker to see if/why the container is still running.

@Criscod as far as you're concerned it should be good now.

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@Phamhi can you help @Chicocvenancio here by taking a look at tools-paws-worker-1007 to see if the backing container is still stuck?

Hey @Chicocvenancio ... I have manually force killed the jupyter--43riscod container on tools-paws-worker-1007. Let me know if you need anything else.