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Watchlist notification email reports creation instead of deletion
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Author: wolfram.schmied

watchlist notification email claiming page creation instead of page deletion

I'm a user at Wikimedia Commons, and received this email notification today:

The Wikimedia Commons page File:P. nigra .JPG has been '''''created''''' on 25 November 2009 by Túrelio, see for the current revision.

'''''This is a new page'''''.

Editor's summary: duplicate or a scaled down version of [[:File:Prunus negra .jpg]]
(emphasis mine)

The corresponding edit was [ a deletion]

I was [ advised] to request a correction of the Commons page [ WikiMedia:Email notif]. That page confusingly bears a message that it has been deleted almost three years ago, even though the "message" tab link is blue, and the source tab delivers the correct message source. The template matches the content of the email I delivered. From the variable name "$CHANGEDORCREATED" it seems obvious that either the watchlist notfication mechanism has picked the wrong template, or that the template was not written with deletions in mind.

Regards, [ Paradoctor]

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OS: Windows Vista
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