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Wikitech 2FA reset needed for User:Matanya
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I have changed my phone, and lost my second factor keys on the app on the old phone. Need a 2fa reset please.

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The 2FA reset process for Wikitech accounts is documented at

Usually the easiest identity verification method is "Have the user write a request to disable 2fa in their home directory on a CloudVPS/Toolforge bastion." One way to do this:

$ ssh
$ cd $HOME
$ touch 2fa-reset-request.txt
$ chmod 0600 2fa-reset-request.txt
$ echo "" > 2fa-reset-request.txt
$ echo "$(hostname -f):$(pwd)/2fa-reset-request.txt"

Then come back here and make a comment including the output of the last command.


bd808 claimed this task.
$ ssh root@bastion-eqiad1-01.bastion.eqiad.wmflabs
$ ls -lh /home/matanya/2fa-reset-request.txt
-rw------- 1 matanya wikidev 42 Oct 24 22:15 /home/matanya/2fa-reset-request.txt
$ cat /home/matanya/2fa-reset-request.txt
$ ssh
$ mwscript extensions/OATHAuth/maintenance/disableOATHAuthForUser.php --wiki=labswiki 'Matanya'
OATHAuth disabled for Matanya.

2FA disabled. Please do record your recovery codes when you re-enable 2FA at wikitech. They should let you fix a similar problem yourself in the future by using 1 code to authenticate to wikitech and a second code to disable your own 2FA setting.