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Create a more specific warning when (re)uploading a file is protected
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Author: TheEvilIPaddress

Currently, the warning that appears when you intend to upload a file, but you mustn't do it, because the file is either protected [create=sysop] or [upload=sysop], is [[MediaWiki:Protectedpagetext]] with the default being "This page has been locked to prevent editing."

This is, however, not an ideal solution. Editing pages is something different than uploading files and requires a different warning that the filename they chose is protected from (re)uploading. For example, files and regular pages sometimes have other processes how people can request changes to it. On Commons, edits to non-file pages are requested by adding [[commons:Template:Editprotected]] on the talk page. New uploads are requested at [[commons:Commons:Requested updates to protected files]].

Furthermore, variables like {{FULLPAGENAME}} in sentences like "See the [{{fullurl:Special:Log}}|type=protect&page={{FULLPAGENAME}} protection log] for the protection reasons can't be used when uploading, as the pagename then is [[Special:Upload]]. If such a new system message would contain a $1 parameter being the filename protected from (re)uploading, this would be possible.

On Commons ([[commons:MediaWiki:Protectedpagetext]]), this is currently done by finding out the {{FULLPAGENAME}} and to show a different warning when it's "Special:Upload", which works. However, I think that this is an imperfect solution, because: All other wikis still show the useless sentence "This page has been locked to prevent editing.". The filename can't be found out, which makes linking to it impossible, as noted above also. Complex parser functions might make it more complicated for people to understand the message or to change it. Having two different warnings for this, people wouldn't be confused.

I hope what I explained can be understood. Otherwise, feel free to ask what you didn't understand. I'd be happy if you would be able to fix this. Cheers, [[commons:User:The Evil IP address]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement