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track NIC firmware version numbers across the fleet
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It came up in some investigation of weird CPU0 load issues on lvs1014 that not all of our Broadcom NICs in use on LVSen have the same firmware version loaded -- see P9437. Firmware issues have been a problem in the past: T203194#4880083 and onwards.

It'd be nice to be tracking what versions are in use where, ideally with some temporal history as well. Two options:

  • As a custom Puppet fact, likely extending the current net_driver custom fact we export already. Does not seem too hard to also have that Ruby invoke ethtool -i and read the output, probably just copying the firmware-version: line into a firmware_version key.
  • As a Prometheus metric, likely exported via a textfile exporter invoked by a systemd timer. The metric value would always be just 1 and the labels would specify all the data -- it'd look something like nic_firmware_version{instance="lvs1001:9xxx",interface="enp4s0f0",driver="bnx2x",firmware_version="FFV14.10.07 bc 7.14.11"} 1, in the same style as is recommended for exporting software versions.

Possibly we'd want to do both?

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Change 546953 had a related patch set uploaded (by CDanis; owner: CDanis):
[operations/puppet@production] net_driver fact: add firmware_version

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[operations/puppet@production] net_driver fact: add firmware_version

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[operations/puppet@production] net-driver fact: tweak regexp

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[operations/puppet@production] net-driver fact: tweak regexp

Change 549683 had a related patch set uploaded (by CDanis; owner: CDanis):
[operations/puppet@production] prometheus: export NIC firmware versions

Change 549683 merged by CDanis:
[operations/puppet@production] prometheus: export NIC firmware versions

Prometheus metrics now exist, via a textfile exporter installed by Puppet on every physical host.

Sample output for the metric on an LVS machine:

# HELP node_nic_firmware_version A metric with a constant '1' value with labels indicating NIC interface name, driver name, and firmware version string.
# TYPE node_nic_firmware_version gauge node_nic_firmware_version{device="eno1",driver="tg3",firmware_version="FFV7. 
node_nic_firmware_version{device="ens2f0np0",driver="bnxt_en",firmware_version=""} 1
node_nic_firmware_version{device="ens2f1np1",driver="bnxt_en",firmware_version=""} 1
node_nic_firmware_version{device="ens3f0np0",driver="bnxt_en",firmware_version=""} 1
node_nic_firmware_version{device="ens3f1np1",driver="bnxt_en",firmware_version=""} 1

Since these get exported by node_exporter and then scraped by Prometheus, they wind up with the expected instance and cluster labels as well. So you could run a query like sum by (driver, firmware_version) (node_nic_firmware_version{cluster=~"lvs|cache.*"}) and get the breakdown of NIC driver/firmware version across all LVS or cp hosts.