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Handling consent forms from volunteers
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We gather consent from out volunteers, for keeping their contact information. We need to decide where we can store these, and make sure that the information we gather is encompassed byt he yearly data purge.

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If we could mimic the routine we have for young members, that might be good. We have a list to keep track of them and check it once a year (during the data purge) or when we need to (if they contact us). We keep the consent form in a binder.

I think the consent from the volunteers are gathered digitally? Then I think a list with the contact information for the volunteers, so that it's all kept in one place, and a folder with the consents. If there are some volunteers who do not want to be in a list in Drive, we could keep their information in a binder and make a note in the list about remebering to check the binder.

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