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Screenshots for browser stores
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We need up to five screenshots for the web browser stores (Firefox and Chrome). For example, this is one way they're displayed in Chrome.

Firefox (1 screenshot):

PNG and JPG supported, PNG recommended. The maximum and recommended size for screenshots is 2400x1800 pixels. Having screenshots in your product page greatly increases its chances of being installed and being featured in the homepage.

Chrome (up to 5 screenshots):

Extensions, applications and themes require at least one screenshot or YouTube link.
Provide preferably 4 or 5 screenshots of your app (up to a maximum of 5). If your app supports multiple locales, you can provide locale-specific screenshots. Your screenshot should have square corners and no padding (full bleed).
We prefer screenshots to be 1280x800 pixels in size, as they will be used in future high dpi displays. Currently, the Chrome Web Store will downscale all screenshots to 640x400, so if your screenshots will not look good downscaled (eg. have a lot of text) or if 1280x800 is too big for your app (screenshot of low resolution game), we also support 640x400 pixels screenshots.

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I've updated the Chrome screenshot to this not-wonderfully-prepared thing:

Samwilson updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 14 2020, 11:07 PM

Full resolution and retina images on Google Drive.

Update: I've added these screenshots to the MediaWiki documentation as well.

I've added the four screenshots to both Chrome and Firefox (it turns out that despite what the documentation says, FF does support more than one screenshot).

Note that the text in the screenshots is in English for every translation on both browser stores. Neither of them seem to support different language screenshots, but FF does allow us to provide translations of the tooltips shown when hovering over the screenshots; @ifried is this something we should look into adding?

@Samwilson and I did some digging and it turns out Chrome supports screenshots in multiple languages (its just a very complex process). We are trying to see if we can use SVG Translate to get these translated by our volunteers 😊

@Samwilson, could you update the order of the screenshots on both the stores to match my comment? I intended the "find it in the tools section" screenshot to be the last since its a boring detail, but important enough to demand a screenshot.

update the order of the screenshots on both the stores to match my comment?

Done for Firefox; still waiting for the new Chrome version to be approved so we can edit its details.

For l10n of the screenshots, we could add a build step that injects i18n messages into SVG files and then generates the required resolution PNGs from those... but I wonder if we could use SVG Translate Tool instead? e.g. The issues with this are probably a) that not all required languages will be translated very quickly; and b) because of T230357 it's hard to lay out sentences with bold because the different parts of them will be of different lengths in different languages.

Would we want to prioritise just the languages that WWT supports first?

I've uploaded a set of plain screenshots to Google Drive.