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Replies v1.0: conduct usability testing
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This task represents the work involved with testing v1.0 of the prototype for replying to specific comments (T235592). It may end up making sense to break this ticket out into multiple sub-tickets.


  • Draft testing goals
  • Determine who the prototype should be tested with
  • Create testing scripts [1]
  • Conduct user tests
  • Summarize test findings
  • Determine suggested improvements to address test findings

  1. Scripts: At a minimum, we will test v1.0 of the prototype on-wiki and on

Event Timeline

ppelberg created this task.Oct 30 2019, 3:47 PM

@iamjessklein I wonder if this moderated user test might from 2014 [1] might be helpful as we think about the design of the user test we will be conducting for this intervention.

The above comes from these test findings [2], which I think will also be useful as we think about the design and priority of other features.


I started to draft out the test protocol.

On Friday @ppelberg and I discussed creating a clickable prototype to get the work out faster.

We should be preparing to test this (and any other prototype) on our target wikis. This is of course dependent on identifying the wikis and engaging with their communities.

I started to draft out the test protocol.

Looking good, @iamjessklein. I've added some comments and questions to the script here: Usability test of Reply v1.0.

Note: for the time being, I focused my feedback on the testing goals and demographics. I figure once we have those in a good place, we can talk about contents of the tests.