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impossibility to edit or reset very long watchlist
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On my frwikisource watchlist, I have over 60000 pages. I wanted to edit it, in raw mode, but no change was ever registered. I finally decided to clear it, and then reconstruct it, but it is never emptied... and I still have over 60000 pages, after 3 clearing... the same on wikidata

Steps to Reproduce:
go in preferences, watchlist > clear watchlist

Actual Results:
message "too many pages to display" (something like that, mine is in French)
->no change at all

Expected Results:
empty watchlist

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I can confirm that it's the same for me on Wikidata and Commons. I can't edit the watch list in raw mode, and can't delete them either.

Yes, it's exactly that... I looked for a previous report on Phabricator, but could not find it :)

To be specific, I tried to copy my raw watchlist in a text editor, clean it up to reduce it to a manageable size, and replace the list with the resulting list, and it also failed :(

one interesting way to reduce the size of the watchlist would be to be able to add to watchlist only pages from a chosen namespace (on wikisource, Page namespace contains millions of pages, and editing a single book will automatically add hundreds of pages to the watchlist. Being able to choose : add to watchlist "pages created by me" in "such and such namespace" would allow to exclude such numerous lists...