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Test MLEB 2019.10
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Testing for MLEB 2019.10

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I've tested the latest Translate / ULS extensions with,

  1. PHP 7.3 + Mediawiki master (Tested on - All MLEB extensions were tested
  2. PHP 7.1 + Mediawiki 1.32 (Tested on Local vagrant box)
  3. PHP 7.1 + Mediawiki 1.33 (Tested on Local vagrant box)

The results can be found here -

During this testing the following issues were found,

  1. T236956: PHP Fatal error: Can't inherit abstract function on marking page for translation in PHP 7.1.33
  2. T236935: Make page name as title when removing page from translation
  3. T236980: Page allowed for translation to priority language, without reason, only shows "Reason:" when translating