Search results among revisions obscure tasks
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  1. Search "language" (no link, sorry: ) in the top bar

I. Observed: most of the screen is taken by advanced search checkboxes, scrolling down shows a bunch of revisions from the repos. There is a page 2 but I don't bother clicking, nothing for me here.
II. Expected: I'm looking for tasks!

  1. Click the checkbox to search only tasks and search again.

III. Observed: There are results!
IV. Expected: Phabricator shouldn't fool me into believing there is nothing among tasks that could interest me.


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aklapper wrote on 2014-07-22 22:57:29 (UTC)

But what is the bug? If you look for tasks only, search for tasks only. Or did you expect the global Phabricator search bar in the top bar to default to "tasks only" because your in Maniphest?

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