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''' should be interpreted as <b>, not <strong>
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Author: mpt

MediaWiki interprets ''' as <strong>. But most pages
created with MediaWiki are for Wikimedia projects, which
aren't like most other Web sites; most of our uses of bold
are for defining instances <dfn>. Very, very few are for
strong emphasis. Since Wikimedia project contributors are
unlikely to care about the distinction between <dfn>/
<strong>/<b class="vector">, articles would sound more
sensible if ''' was interpreted as the neutral <b>.

(Possibly new syntax for defining instances, strong
emphasis and vector spaces could be created later for those
thoughtful enough to use it. To increase the number of
people using <dfn> correctly, the default style sheet could
style <h1>-<h6> and <dfn> with the same non-black color.)

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Can you give an example of a screen reader which reads <strong> and <b> differently, and describe what the difference

mpt wrote:

Unfortunately not. (See bug 369 comment 2.)

Finally got 'round to this. Changed in 1.4 CVS.