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Container for a plan Riksdagen has to do NER Named-entity recognition of the Swedish Riksdagstrycket. Idea from T235527: Möte 1 Riksdagsförvaltningen Swedish Government

About "Riksdagstrycket

Swedish 450 years and 3 milion pages

#Riksdagstrycket 1521-1970 is now digital and maybe Wikidata can be used for the next step

  • Example
    • identify persons and connect them to Wikidata objekt
    • identify subjects and connect them to Wikidata objekt
    • identify places subjects and connect them to Wikidata objekt an d maybe also to Historical maps at Swedish "Lantmäteriverket"

PDF and XML is available link

Some Wikidata initiatives about Political data

  • Projectpages about Politicians "The overall aim of this WikiProject is to have complete and consistently structured data across the world on elected representatives National to Local level.

In Wikidata we have


  • GITHUB opentapioca is a simple and fast Named Entity Linking system for Wikidata. Small test with the text above


Looks like Norway has a good structure in Wikidata

  • Define every legislative term / "mandatperiod" e.g. "Stortingets mandatperiod 2017–2021" = WD:Q55670426
  • Books with people are added e.g. WD:Q71786207 "Stortinget og statsraadet: 1814-1914. B. 2 D. 1 : De enkelte storting og statsraader 1814-1885"
  • Example Q3362637

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