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Duplicated edit toolbar
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When editing the page
is not a normal talk page any more, sometimes a series
the edit toolbar appears twice.

See attached screen shot.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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screen shot showing duplicated toolbar


twn-support-duplicate-toolbar-JBT2.png (690×1 px, 92 KB)

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Does anybody have any steps to reproduce this bug? I can't figure out how to reproduce it anymore.

This doesn't look like it's still happening, so I'm lowering priority.

admin wrote:

Afraid to say the problem still occurs, but in a different context.

When ''summarizing'' a discussion, the wikieditor toolbar is shown as many times as there are replies to a post plus two. In other words: When summarizing, the first post gets two toolbars plus one toolbar for each reply. (On the one hand I am happy to see the wikieditor toolbar working, since otherwise only the old toolbar appears; but on the other...)

To reproduce this, well, 'feature': Please go here Then click "Zusammenfassen", which is German for "summarize", at the discussion "t". Since you are not logged in, you are not allowed to actually summarize, but you'll see the toolbar thrice anyway. (When logged in, you can see it even four times.)

Running MW1.16, LiquidThreads2.0-alpha, Wikieditor0.2.0

Valerie.m.juarez wrote:

I was attempting to retest by following the steps from Comment 6, but I didn't see the toolbar at all. I couldn't reproduce on discussions on MediaWiki talk pages either.

Can you please retest and tell us which versions of MediaWiki, LiquidThreads, and Wikieditor you're running. If the problem does not happen anymore at all, please set the status of this report to RESOLVED > WORKSFORME. Thanks a lot for your help!

I think this is no longer happening since it's now using it's own toolbar - see bug 29681