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Usability: BetaFeatures Save button bar does all the bad floating things
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The position of the save bar should probably be pinned to the bottom of the viewport. Instead, the save bar can disappear when scrolling up, and can float into the content area of the page when scrolling down. In both cases, the save bar is wily and will snap back to the bottom after random events such as clicking anywhere on the screen.

I believe all browsers are affected, but anyway I'm using Firefox on Debian.

Steps to reproduce:


betafeatures-save-good.png (812×1 px, 93 KB)

betafeatures-save-in-content.png (820×1 px, 83 KB)

betafeatures-save-missing.png (813×1 px, 110 KB)

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awight updated the task description. (Show Details)

I believe all browsers are affected

I don't think so (unless you can reproduce in another browser). :)

but anyway I'm using Firefox on Debian.

@awight: For future reference, please include exact Firefox version information. I cannot reproduce this with your link in Firefox 70, hence closing as a duplicate of T224984: sticky Save button bar on Special:Preferences is jumping in Firefox as it is unrelated to BetaFeatures.