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WD property proposal Swedish mansion - Svenska Herrgårdar
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If we should create a WD Property for Svenska Herrgårdar or not

A database with very good quality and research but feels technical a little bit weak and no good Linked data approach. People are added as strings not things compare T237017: Riksdagstrycket

Task: if we should have a Wikidata property for Svenska Herrgårdar or if TORA connection is good enough

  • is TORA good enough and can we use something like dcterms:identifier instead
    • asked on Telegram Wikidata about opinions
  • is there a good landing page at Svenska Herrgårdar - today Tora 21969 doesnt link Svenska Herrgårdar but it is the same as Svenska Herrgårdar 8648

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See also TORA WD Property 4820 and T233275: Connect LOD Tora church parishes and administrative parishes with Wikidata

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@Salgo60: The previous comments don't explain who or what (task?) exactly this task is stalled on ("If a report is waiting for further input (e.g. from its reporter or a third party) and can currently not be acted on"). Hence resetting task status, as tasks should not be stalled (and then potentially forgotten) for years for unclear reasons.

(Smallprint, as general orientation for task management:
If you wanted to express that nobody is currently working on this task, then the assignee should be removed and/or priority could be lowered instead.
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