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analytics1062 lost one of its power supplies
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Current Status: CRITICAL
(for 1d 7h 3m 43s)
Status Information: Sensor Type(s) Temperature, Power_Supply Status: Critical [PS Redundancy = Critical, Status = Critical]
Performance Data: 'Inlet Temp'=21.00;3.00:42.00;-7.00:47.00 'Exhaust Temp'=43.00;0.00:70.00;0.00:75.00 'Temp'=63.00 'Temp'=68.00
Current Attempt: 3/3 (HARD state)
Last Check Time: 2019-11-01 19:14:09

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wiki_willy added subscribers: Jclark-ctr, wiki_willy.

@Jclark-ctr - looks like this one is from last Thursday's PDU upgrade. Can you check if it's maybe a loose cord? If not, we'll have to RMA it (server under warranty thru March 2020) . Thanks, Willy

unfortunately not a loose power cord Submitted Tech direct ticket for replacement psu Service Request 1001998096

Received new psu and replaced.

Tracking for RMA

Icinga downtime for 2:00:00 set by otto@cumin1001 on 1 host(s) and their services with reason: analytics1062 lost one of its power supplies


alert cleared no errors in icinga