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CU 2.0: Sorting in the Compare tab
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Users should be able to sort the displayed data in the Compare tab to be able to find patterns more easily.

Acceptance criteria
  • The frontend for the sorting was part of T238782: CU 2.0: Display data in the Compare tab. Sorting can be done by username, UA or IP address (treat it like a string?).
  • By clicking the column header, the results will sort.
  • The sort will not work across all paginated tabs.
    • We talked about this and technically it can only be sorted within the same page. We need a unique column to sort across multiple paginated tabs which we can't do. T244579
  • Loading animation while the results re-load will be same as on recent changes (

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A few thoughts on the implementation:

  1. Less than ca. 100 results should all be sent to the client and sorted client-side for lower latency.
  2. More results could be sorted and paginated server-side. The second page is visited less often, so this would save loading time and bandwidth.
  3. Result pages should be loaded only once and cached in the client. After all pages are loaded (visited), sorting can be done client-side.
  4. The pagination state is: usernames, CU log unique key, CU log timestamp, ordering, starting index, count. Details: T239680#5713699
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