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Civi: how to exclude recent Stripe donors from fundraising email sends?
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cid=983212 donated on Oct 17 related to a fundraising event using Stripe, STRIPE CH_1FUYMAIWQMMG1DALBUSRSWYU

Though it's not listed in Civi's Mailing Events tab, the donor then received a enUSC1920_E1 fundraising email on October 22.

I'm not sure how the Stripe contribs reach Civi, but @jkim_wikimedia confirmed that "They get automatic thank yous via Give Lively (ticketing platform) not from Stripe. It's sent immediately after their transaction." so it looks like Civi does not send the TY email.

I'm not sure what Civi (or IBM?) field the filtering scan for recent donors uses, but if there's a way to add Stripe donors to the filtering scans that would help us retain the donor goodwill generated by these events. Probably won't see a huge number of these complaints, but they are more likely to include MG contacts.

Event Timeline

Fwiw, I don't think the problem is the filtering scan, I think it's the timing of when this stripe donation got added to Civi. If I'm reading their contribution record right, their contribution was Enqueued At Timestamp Oct 24, 2019 16:10, which was 2 days after the email went out and 7 days after they donated.

@MBeat33 should we close this one? Seems like a while ago & no obvious path forwards