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"bigram" instance for Language team
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Language Team wants to explore MarianMT/Opus as Machine Translation provider for Content Translation tool in near future (See: T234194: Explore the integration of OpusMT). This requires very large RAM and disk and unfortunately, team's instance was exhausted. We use all current instances in our testing workflow.

Is there any way we can get 'bigram' instance for team?

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We would like to proceed with our explorations and it is depending on this. Will there be delay? @Bstorm

Sorry, I'll try to get this today.

I expanded your quota, which should give you the ability to launch the new instance.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2019-11-08T20:34:37Z] <bstorm_> Added 10G to RAM quota to allow spinning up a bigmem instance T237354

I meant bigram in that, but you get the idea :)

@Bstorm bigram is 36 GB RAM image, we need 10 more GB to use it. Currently we have only 26 GB remaining

image.png (225×882 px, 16 KB)

image.png (284×708 px, 20 KB)

Sorry about that. Not sure why the math seemed to work out to me at the time, but it's good to go now.